Give Yourself Permission


To allow something to come into being can be difficult at times. It requires that ability to let go, and the trust in one’s own ability. It is therefore important to relax into the moment, and not to get caught up in our mind space.

The mind often gets in the way of the beauty that naturally arises from the present moment, and with an attitude of surrender, we are able to then give permission to whatever it is that wants to be created. Do not worry about what is coming forth, for it is this mindset that creates the blockages. Conversation is like a river, or a naturally flowing stream. If you are to place a boulder in the way of the water, the natural flow is then blocked and it is then forced to take another route, or remains stagnant.

To relax into the moment is to give yourself permission to let go. Do not worry about how you are being perceived, or how you are in comparison to others. True strength of character arises from detachment to the outcome of a situation, and although this is not always easy to operate from this state of awareness, it is most certainly possible to do so. By judging ourselves and others, we are then placing the boulder in the way, but know that we also have to ability to remove it.

Admire the stream for what it is, and even if there is a boulder in the way, this is not necessarily wrong; however it is better to operate from a space of flow, where there is no resistance to what is coming forth. Believe in yourself, and know that you are most certainly capable. Life does not have to be perfect, as it is this state that generates this imbalance; the wanting and need for things to be perfect. It is perfect as it is already, surrender into the experience.

Love & Light