The Simple Life


There is great importance behind the “simple life”. Humanity is always searching for greater, bigger, better; but what does it really mean? Bigger doesn’t often mean better. The illusion presents itself that more is always going to be beneficial, however this is often misleading. Less is more, and it is better to find enjoyment within the simple life.

This means that everything subject to status, worth, money, however you want to look at it, is often a path that can lead you astray from your spiritual essence. Where is the humility and humble attitude when it comes to excessive material gain? There perhaps is none, and this is why we find such outrage when we see these great devisions of power, because it’s not authentic.

To be authentic and live your life to its truest spiritual potential, one has to surrender the desire for materialistic gain in devotion to The Divine; however, this does not necessarily mean to part with everything you own. You are allowed to buy things for yourself, there is nothing wrong with that, however what needs to be addressed here, is this idea of excessive consumption of material things. It is in many ways a form of hoarding or overindulgence. It is better to come from a space of humility, and want for nothing; and the simple life, if you can find value in it, will serve you greatly over the course of your life. It is the little things in life, that mean so much to our experience here on Earth.