Stand Your Ground


Self-control is widely overlooked by our society. It is incredibly easy to be in a situation where you lose control of yourself. Peer pressure is a very serious issue when it comes to social activity. There is nothing wrong with declining the motivations of another, if it does not fit your agenda.

People will often put pressure on you to conform to their will; this is very common amongst the human experience. It is therefore your responsibility to recognise when this is happening, and also not allow yourself to become caught up in what is happening. People will say that they have your best interests at heart, but is this really the case? It might be, and then again it might not be.

There is nothing wrong with standing your ground if you do not want to do something; but only you are able to do it, nobody else is going to do it for you. Honesty is the best policy when confronted with an awkward situation. People will respect you more, if you are able to communicate how you truly feel, and if that means that you are to part ways with their company, then so be it.

Your health, your freedom and your needs come first, rather than the wants and distorted desires of another. This message is about self-empowerment, and reclaiming your ability to stand your ground. Do not see yourself as boring, or antisocial for not joining in, it is not disrespectful to not want to be involved with things that you do not approve of.

Love & Light