Organise Your Life With A Stable Routine


Life is full of trials and tribulations, it is easy to get caught up in the density of the physical reality. It is therefore important to organise your life; to build structure and a stable routine. How can you concentrate when your mind is all over the place?

By becoming more conscious, and learning one’s behavioural patterns, we can then structure our lives accordingly. This must be done in a balanced way, as it’s not all about the routine; there has to be enough room for movement, otherwise we become rigid. A great example of a rigid routine, is often an exercise regime. “I must stick to the plan”, but I would ask, for what reasons? To become fit and healthy? To have a aesthetically pleasing body? This often doesn’t serve us, as it exists as an extreme.

It is better to be able to relax and enjoy your life. This means that (if we stick with the fitness example here) this type of regime, often limits and restricts the person’s ability to enjoy themselves, often because they are so worried about how they are being perceived, that a salty pizza is considered shameful, and an ice-cream the anti-christ! This is of course not a judgement on people that choose to be like this, but who is to say that extreme athleticism is good for the body anyway? The illusion is that these people are “fit and healthy”, but is this the case? Science will convince you that it is, but I feel that so much more damage is done, purely because it is an extreme. We are not designed to exist in the extremes, the human experience is not supposed to experience such intensity.

It is therefore important to check in with oneself regularly, in order to become more conscious in life. It is very easy to be caught up in the extremes; and a good stable routine, will help to balance out those imbalances in your life. Less is more. When a car is pushed to its limits, it breaks; how is the human body any different?