The ‘Shadow Self’


The ‘shadow self’ can perhaps be in reference to our ‘not-so-good’ self, the one that takes over from time to time. Nobody is exempt from this, however there are varying degrees of how much influence this has on people.

Humans are very quick to label something as bad or wrong, and of course, this ‘shadow self’ exists in the realms of something that is considered to be undesirable. Although this is the case, it’s important to mention here that it is unavoidable and a part of the human experience. No human on this planet is perfect, and perfection is not the aim of the game so to speak. Therefore this is going to play a part in life and we have to address it with the right mentality.

To see this side of ourselves as wrong, is limiting. If it’s something that is condemned, then it is never truly accepted; and if something is a part of the human experience, then it must be accepted. Therefore it is the responsibility of the person to recognise that they are flawed and this part of themselves is going to be expressed from time and time; and that is ok, there is no need to further punish ourselves if this does surface.

The core message here, is to not judge yourself. Be kind to yourself always, even if your ‘shadow self’ is active from time to time. It’s important to note here, that the term ‘shadow self’ is merely a label, and not something to actually identify yourself with; it may just help with the understanding and also help you to recognise when this mindset is active. The spiritual path always leads back to unconditional love, so it is important to love this part of yourself – nurture it, care for it and tend to it; because then you are taking care of your own needs as a human being and forming a greater relationship with yourself. This is of utmost importance to your spiritual development and will benefit you greatly.