Patience & Consciousness


Patience is a virtue. Difficult as it can be sometimes, it is well worth taking the time to stop and just hold your centre. There will be times of challenge which have been designed for your growth; patience will help and assist you on your path.

We all want to reach the end of something, to have it finished and completed; this is a natural yearning within the human experience. Having said this, it is important to remember that the journey is also important. It is important to enjoy the journey, because once it’s over, you’ll want to start the journey again. It goes around in this endless cycle of always wanting to be somewhere other than the here and now.

To recognise this cycle, one can be free from its grasp. We can cultivate awareness around these energetic movements, so that they will not have such a dramatic impact on us. To become more conscious on the spiritual path, is to become aware of all things. We may not exactly know everything, as that would be impossible from this current standpoint of the human experience; however, we are able to become more aware and use that to our advantage.

Therefore, patience is needed when becoming more conscious, otherwise there may be the tendency to overload yourself. Approach your life in bitesize chunks, rather than biting off more than you can chew. This will help you to become content with where you are, and you will not want to be somewhere else.

One of the reasons we want to be somewhere else is because we have become overloaded with a great burden, and we do not want to carry it anymore; whether that is the burden of a heavy work load, or a burden of boredom, we become agitated and search for freedom from that. But you cannot escape the cycles of life, you must learn to work with them if you wish to be free from their negative effects. Patience and consciousness work hand in hand, and are very important to practice.