Strike The Balance


Isolation can be a very powerful teacher, yet if left unchecked, it can cause great suffering which is often unnecessary. Humans are supposed to experience connection with each other, yet it is not always essential to be connected at all times.

It is a paradox, one of the many that exists in the great universe, where both polarities can be considered as true and effective means of living. For some, they will naturally withdraw from others, in order to recharge and rest; and for others they will need other people to recharge them, as being alone will make them feel depleted and restless.

It is important to know how to strike the balance, as too much of anything can lead to problems, which become very deep seated and set in their ways. You are the person that is in control of your reality, and it is your responsibility to recognise when the pendulum has swung to the other end so to speak. Perhaps it is better that the pendulum doesn’t swing at all, and remains in its peaceful centre, silent and still.

If you are oscillating between extremes, please do not see that you are doing anything wrong, as there will be times of great challenge, which will push you out of your comfort zone. It is in these times, that you may experience feelings of lack, which often lead to these imbalances. Next time you experience these states of frustration and unrest, simply ask yourself: “Where is this pendulum? Is it swinging violently, or is it calm and still?” This is of course reflective of your internal state of being, and can serve as a reminder to check in with yourself.

Only you can know what is right for you, not someone else’s thoughts, opinions and views. Reclaim your power by giving yourself the stillness that you require; then you will be ready to proceed with your life in a more graceful way, and experience true connection to all that is, because you will have the necessary state of being which will be open to receive this state of connection, not closed and kept hidden away from it.