Spiritual Beings Incarnate


Often when one looks to spirituality, and starts to walk the path, there can be a tendency to misinterpret it. The idea of becoming more pure with ones actions, can often be confused with the idea of being perfect. Perfection is a problem, because then when things don’t go well, we start to criticise ourselves for our mistakes; but there are no mistakes, the mistakes are the manmade judgements upon the self.

It is therefore important, to recognise that you are already a perfected being, and the very idea of becoming perfect, is an inversion, because in order to become perfect, there must be something very unperfected about you. Therefore by knowing that you are already a perfected being, which includes all of your imperfections, then there can be no perspective of failure, or doing anything wrong. It is the earth mind, that says we are failing, missing the mark, doing something wrong, and that we’re flawed in some way. But you have been created by Divine design, so therefore, how can you be created wrong. Man was created in God’s image, therefore you have the essence of The Divine spark in you.

It is our task here on Earth, to recognise these illusions, and to see ourselves for what we are. We are true spiritual beings incarnate on the Earth plane, living out a human experience, and we have just forgotten our true heritage, our true Divine nature. It is time to reawaken to the possibility of letting go of harshness and criticism over ourselves, we deserve better than to cast ourselves down. Would the creator want you to live a life of misery, hurt and suffering, or would they want you to be free, happy and joyous. You of course, are the creator, because you are the creator of your reality, everything that happens to you is a direct result of your relationship to yourself and the universe. But it is important to not see that anything is wrong in your life, for it is teaching you and serving you, and helping you to evolve into a greater version of yourself with greater awareness.

In order to win in life, we have to try to not win at all. By playing the game of winners and losers, we are locked into the dualism of existence, and therefore always trapped in going up, then coming down. You deserve so much more than to be trapped in cycles that do not make sense, your true Divine essence does not experience these things, because it does not need to. It recognises that there is no need to be caught up in a whirlwind of thought processes, and therefore it knows to free itself from the limitation it has placed upon itself.

The words of Spirit, channeled by Christopher.